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Shawill vs. San San vs. Pond's BB Cream Review

Hi sweeties!

It's been a month since the last time I reviewed a BB Cream. And I got a lot of BB Creams to review.

But I got 3 BB Creams to review first.

First is this Shawill Blemish Balm:

I think I got it for more than or less than 200 pesos. Very cheap for a BB Cream right? I think it has 4 shades. I got mine in shade number 2. I never tried BB Creams from Shawill. Shawill has a lot of BB Creams to choose from. But I got one the cheapest. Because I'm going to do a "Beauty on a budget look" very very soon. So you better watch out for that :)

This is what looks like when opened. Just a very sleek looking packaging and dispenser. What I like about this thing is it's very cheap. It gives me a medium coverage at all. I also like the smell, it's not that kind of bad smell at all. When I apply it, it just give me a natural look. It looks like I applied a liquid foundation. Overall, I don't want to purchase it again cause I want a BB cream which has a full coverage on my face since I want to hidden my imperfections,this BB cream should try out by people who don't want to wear makeup that much.

My Verdict: 3 out of 5

Next is this one, the San San BB Cream. I got it at HBC for 149.75 pesos only. It has 3 shades, and I got mine in "Natural" shade. I love the packaging, it comes with a pump bottle and a light blue plastic container which is so adorable. I like the smell of this BB Cream, hindi siya masakit sa ilong.

The pump is very convenient to use. It's very easy to blend. It gives me a full coverage. It doesn't look like I applied a liquid foundation at all. It covers some of my pimples. The shade matches to my skin as well. Held up pretty long on my combination type of skin. It's very affordable too! 

My Verdict: 4 out of 5

The cutest of them all. Haha, the very cute packaging of the Pond's Flawless White BB Cream sampler. I got this for 149.75 pesos. It's so tiny and so cute! I really love this one. It give's me full coverage. It last longs for 8-10hours. I really love the smell. It has SPF 30+. It brightens my skin. It's very compatible for combination skin like me. It's perfect for the hot weather here in our country. It's not cakey too. 

There's nothing negative about this thing. I like it. The price is very reasonable. I hope they're going to add more shades for other Filipina's too. But the shade of this cream matches my skin very well. I promise to repurchase it! So far this is my second BB Cream that I really love. Remember the first BB Cream I love? The Hayan BB Cream.

My Verdict: 5 out of 5


*without flash*

*with flash*

From left to right: Shawill; San-San; Pond's

As you can see, they're all have the same shades. It means it all matches my skin tone. But their differences is their coverage.


Ai Ai dela Cruz said...

Is the ponds bb cream flash friendly?

cris estacio said...

I tried Pond's BB Cream hnd mgnda ang coverage for me, I have few blemishes kc due to pimples need to pa mgapply ng another layer sa mga areas n mei blemish. Tingin ko based sa mga review about San San mgnda coverage,. Im thinking of buying it na affordable pa.

Mickey Angel Cortez said...

HI, I bought the Sansan BB Cream in Natural last weekend but when I applied it, my friends have noticed the sudden paleness of my skin and the BB cream has really gotten obvious on my skin amd it is a shade whiter. I should've just used the Beige shade instead but I don't want my money to be wasted on such a product which is lighter than my skin. Is there any recommendation you can give to amend it?