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SPONSOR: Eye 2 Eye Wear

Hi sweeties!

Another shop is now sponsoring me! YEY! :)

This afternoon I received this "unexpected" package from Eye2Eye wear.
It's an online shop where you can find a lot of affordable & fashionable swimwears.

The owner named "Grace", started her business since February 2013. At first she started selling personalized sunglasses that's why they came up with the name "Eye2Eyewear". And then when she added other items to her collection such as swimwear,clothes,accessories & shoes, she started how to connect it with the name of the shop & since most of their items look very catchy that's why she came up with the description "Eye catching and Affordable swimsuit clothes,accessories, and shoes".

She planned to built a shop because it's been her dream to have her own business that's why she started selling on Instagram. And since it's the easiest way of earning money at the same time she enjoys it.
Her shop also encounters some suppliers that are short-tempered & some buyers are bogus or joy reservers.

So I think I tell you a lot 'bout the shop. But I'm now going to see you what did they sent me :)

It's so cute & perfect for summer :)))
When I fit it, it's so comfortable.

And the flower crown is so cute :')

If you want one you can find them on Instagram: @eye2eyewear 

   Bea Baldemor

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