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REVIEW: Nivea Visage Sparkling White Pore Minimizing Foam

Hi Sweeties!

I haven't try any pore minimizing cleanser before. But last week when my cousin told me about Etude House's Pore Minimizing cleanser that it was effective I tried to buy one but it's currently out of stock.

So I try to find another brand that's why I came up to try this Nivea Visage Sparkling White Pore Minimizing Whitening acne & Oil control foam.

At first I just try if it is useful because I have combination skin very oily t-zone & other areas of my face are normal.
I use the small one for about one week only. I apply it every  morning and after taking a bath.

(Click the picture to enlarge if you want to see the ingredients and other specifications.)

It doesn't have any bad smell at all.
Whenever I use this it instantly makes my skin squeaky clean without drying feeling. It also lessens my acne for just a week. I really love how my skin feels each time I use this soap.

-Very foamy
-Lathers very well
-Cleans deeply my face very well
-Removes basic & light make up without any drying feeling
-It controls oiliness
-Tightens pores
- Very affordable

-Pore tightening and brightening after effect is temporarily
-Continues usage is a must or else oily skin will goes back to the way it is.

   Bea Baldemor


Joybelle Vicente said...

How much is this?

Bea Baldemor said...

Php 90 below :)

Anonymous said...

Have been using this for a week and I don't know if it's the one causing me pimples...but I've been sleeping for months past midnight.

Karl Rodrigo said...

kakabili ko lang neto . panu sya gamitin ! para basyang scrub?.. :) thankss. reply please

Karl Rodrigo said...

hello! :)kakabili ko lang neto ngayon. di ko alam kung panu sya gamitin! :). parang scrub lang ba to? :) or parang cream.. panu gamitin! thanks sa reply

Bea Baldemor said...

Parang facial wash lang po sya :)

Bea Baldemor said...

Apply it 2 times a day! In Morning & before sleeping. I'm always sleeping late din but it works well on my face