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HAUL: Last Day Sale at Landmark

Hi sweeties!

Today I went to Landmark Makati 'coz it's their last day sale. They started the sale last May 10, they less 50% off on selected items, not bad huh! :)
I was so lucky to run after going to my grandma's house.

So here it is:

Let's take a look on make-ups first,

Ever Bilena: Pro Flawless Finish Foundation
It's a long lasting liquid foundation that dries faster than ordinary foundation. Its in the shade of Beige, packed with matte box & matte finish 30 ml glass bottle. It also has a pump. 
Php 165.00


Fashion 21: Single Blush On
It's a very coral-ish shimmery blush on. The number of the shade is 1.
Php 125.00

Aido: Regular Lipstick
This one is the smallest lipstick I saw, ahhaha. It's so cute. It's in the shade of number 3 & it's very nude color. This one is for only 25PESOS. So cute! 

Kabuki Brush
Landmark has many affordable make-up brushes! It looks like the Sigma's F50 brush. This one is for only Php 99.00 very cheap right? I hope it wouldn't willed.

Artist Studio: Precision & Eyeshadow Brush
Artist studio is a well knowned cheap & affordable make-up brush brand in Landmark. I hope they will also sell on other malls. 
Php49.75 each

Skin Lite: Make-up Cleansing Tissues
I haven't try any cleansing tissues yet that's why I really need to try one because it's more cheaper than other make-up removers. I'm going to make a review on this one very very soon.
Php 89.75

Let's take it to the nail things! :) 

Top- Nail Brush
It's just a simple nail brush that removes dirt on your nails.
Php 19.75

Bottom- Caress: Glow in the Dark Nail Polish
I'm finding this one for a long long time! The saleslady said that it can be a top coat I'm so excited if it works. 
Php 34.75

Top- Caronia Nail Polish
The green one is in the shade of Kiwi & the tan one is in the shade of Touch of Beige.
Php 27.75 each

Buttom- Twinkle Nail Polish
The blue one is in the shade of Neon Blue & the pink one is in the shade of obsession.
Php 17.75 each

The total must be Php 799 but I got it for only 745.37
I think they just less 10% off on first five items then the rest doesn't have. 
Hmm, I know now! Hahha :)

   Bea Baldemor