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April's Make-up Favorites

Hi there sweeties!

I know it's too late to post this Make-up favorites for the month of April, but I still want to share it to you! :)

Let's start!

 The first one is foundation cream from Beauty Angel. I really love how it covers my bare skin on my face & it keeps long lasting with skin white face cream powder. I apply the skin white first before the foundation.

Let's go on eye products!

On the left side is VOLUME UPS WATERPROOF MASCARA from Let's Face It salon. If you are asking where did I bought it, they just give it to me for free when I was having a foot spa there. So I hope they'll have on markets soon. 

On the middle is DOUBLE EYE LASH from Suesh. I really love this eye lash glue! It's very easy to apply & I would highly recommend this for all the make-up beginners there!

The next one is the SAN SAN GEL EYELINER from HBC. This one has a review (here) .
I would also highly recommend this for all make-up beginners because it's very cheap, not smudgy, although it's kinda small.

The last one is Ailin Eyebrow Pencil. Review (here)
I learned to love this one because it long last all day!

On the tools!
The first one is Mac Lip & Eye Make-up Remover.
As you can see I always use it! It's very useful and it removes my make-up as fast as 2 wipes! 

Next is 2 brush & Eyelash Curler from Landmark!
The brushes is very smooth! And I think I would buy more brushes in this brand!

On the lips!
I love this RED & PINK lipstick!
The Red one is from Excel, it can last long for almost 24 hours!
And the Pink one is from Careline, this one gives me pretty look & it has a very cottony smell and I like it!

So that's it!
I hope you like this things that I want to share!

   Bea Baldemor

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