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REVIEW: Skin Lite Cleansing Tissue

Hi sweeties!

I'm sorry for posting this late review.
Last time I bought this Cleansing tissue from Skin Lite just to try it since I'm just a newbie make-up enthusiastic.

So this is how it looks like:

So basically it's just a white wet tissue. And the box comes with white,black,gold & green color. It contains 30 tissues. 
The other one contains 40/50 tissues but It doesn't comes with a box.
What I really like about this is because of the lavender-ish scent & it removes my make-ups easily other than any make-up remover.

- Very affordable for the price of Php89.00
- Lavender-ish scent
- Makes my face soft & smooth after washing with warm water
- Deeply cleans, unclog pores & moisturizes my skin
- Even lipstick & waterproof mascara can removes thoroughly

- I just see it on landmark.

Ratings: 5/5
Will I Repurchase? YES! I'm now on it's 3rd box.
    I would highly recommend this one than other make-up remover.