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REVIEW: Hayan BB Cream & Silky Face Powder

Hi sweeties!

This fast few days I get inloved with this BB Cream & Silky Face Powder that I bought from Hayan.
Hayan is a Korean Branded make-up.

This what Hayan BB Cream looks like:

It comes with a white,pink,gold,black & silver packaging.
It has 2 shades and I got mine in No. 99 and I forgot the other shade.
Comes in an 30mL tube.

Product benefits & Direction for use:



- Cute & Nice Packaging
- Very affordable for the price of Php350.00
- Doesn't have any smell
- Flows smoothly & naturally blend in to clear skin tone
- Covers Blemishes
- Best for everyday use
- Whitens my skin naturally.

I haven't seen any CONS about this product.

Rate: 5/5
Will I Repurchase? BIG YES!
    I would highly recommend this for ladies who have combination skins like me because it works well especially on my t-zone area.

This is what Hayan's Silky Face Powder looks like:

It comes with 15g black matte box with silver & white texts.
It has 3 shades & I got mine at No. 100. Comes with black cover & clear plastic 15g container.
The side of the box comes with Characteristics, How to apply, Ingredients, and Caution.

While the other side comes with a tips on how to use it.

- Very affordable for the price of Php 290
- Comes with elegant but simple looking packaging
- Doesn't have any smell
- Best match for the BB Cream
- Works well & long last on my skin tone

- I just don't like the container 'coz it leaks on my bag when I put it upside down.

Rate: 5/5
Will I repurchase? BIG YES!
   I would highly super recommend this! It's best for everyday use because it gives flawless look even without using the BB Cream or any foundations.

Here's a test proving that it long last up to 12 hours.
It gives me simple but flawless look right?
So now you know my secret, ahhaha :)
You should try it too!