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Mom's Birthday at Tagaytay!

Hi sweeties!

It's my Mom's birthday last June 29. And we decided to celebrate her birthday at Tagaytay! :)

 It's rainy and foggy that day but it's okay! Haha :)

 We arrived their by 12 o'clock then we eat first at Leslies. We always eat at leslies because it has a nice view when you're eating.

After eating we took some pictures at Leslies.

After eating we go to Picnic Groove and we ride a horse. 

The horse named "Ethel Booba" is a 7year old (her 'amo' said). I like her because she's so nice. The one who guides me also teach me how to manage her, and I learned it easily :)

After that we went to People's Park in the Sky to take the skyline of Tagaytay.

And since it raining we decided to go to church first before going home.
First we go to Tierra Madre.
And lastly, we went to Ina Ng Laging Saklolo Parish Church.
Before going home, we buy fruits beside the road.