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Featured Today: Cosmetic Shop

Hey there Ladies all over the Philippines!
Are you looking for RUCY'S VANITY COSMETICS?
             Well, for those people who doesn't know what's Rucy's Vanity- is a korean brand that is just starting here in the country so they're sort of new in korean make-up scene. This cosmetics is a little bit cheap and I don't know why.

Here's a little review:
The first time I use a Rucy's Vanity Cosmetics is when my cousin gave it to me as a 'pasalubong' when he came to Korea. She gave me 1 red lipstick & 1 BBCream.
And the fact is I REALLY LOVE IT! The lipstick is not that kind of pigmented & long lasting. But the BB Cream has a powdery scent & glittery finish. It has a nice texture & feels light on skin. It doesn't feel sticky & for me I think it would be perfect for night out.

Here's a shop where you can find it!

A shop owned by Mrs. Irene Lumang named her shop as "Sopire" a combination of her name "Irene" and the name of her daughter "Sophia".

Sells Rucy's Vanity Cosmetics for very affordable price!

They sell:

                                       Lip & Cheek Red                              Pearl BB Cream

                                Multi-Protection UV Suncream        Whitening Lotion,Serum,& Toner

        Acne Lotion & Toner, Foam Cleansing Green Tea

Foam Cleansing Pomegranate

"I hope someday I can buy one for myself. Haha"

She planned to make an sideline job which is an online shop. She's also selling customized software and other IT products in private & government sectors.

She started this online shop on the last week of March via Instagram. She also encounters poser of rucy's vanity using her own post of her clients testemonials. She was just end up sleeping late just to answer all the inquiries and concerns of the customers.
"I think this seller is very friendly & thoughtful to her customers! :)"

I also asked her if she can send me some pictures of being a legit & trusted sellers.

She also have a message for newbie sellers:
" For newbie seller advise ko sa kanila dapat focus at gusto nila ang ginagawa nila. They should not also after the money dapat iniisip din nila ang safety ng client nila. Kahit rude and customer they should answer their concerns politely. And most of all thank God for all the blessing. :)"

So what are you waiting for ladies?
Try to use them & I can assure you that it really works! Just like what other customers she have.
You can find them in Instagram: @sopire