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Running a blog requires a blogger to have such a number of clothes,accessories,make-ups, etc., and so I'm asking help from different online shops or different shops (the generous ones) of any products (especially clothes) to help me continue this blog. And I'm going to promote your blog for FREE! :)

What are blog sponsors?

Shops who send their items to me for FREE for my honest review.

What do the blog sponsors get in exchange of the items?

Well, the best I can do is advertise them through this blog, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and on my other social networking sites. Oh, I will also put their logo plus link to their shop on the side of this page.

What items do you usually need?

Any Items will do :) It's up to you

How do I become a sponsor?

If you want to sponsor my blog kindly message me on my official Facebook Account or Email me.

How I'm going to use the items you send to me?

Every time that I'm having a photo shoot I'm going to use some of your items you send to me, and I'm going to post it on my blog and other social networks. Then I'm going to promote your shop.

~Thank you for reading this post. Hoping for your collaboration with my blog :)