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My First Photoshoot

Hi Everyone :)

Right now it's a sunny tuesday.

So yeah...

Today, my boyfriend want me to join on his photoshoot with his friends.
And since I really love photography, I said yes.

Our location today for our photoshoot is at Oval near Makati Square. We have two camera's (Nikon&Canon).

While waiting for our models (Rose & Ella), he teach me some tricks in taking good pictures and we planned to have a random shots first.
(Here are some of my random shots)

(The following pictures is taken from Canon 600D)


So here's the real photoshoot! AHAH :)

Hope you like all the pictures :)

My cousin and I planned to have a little bussiness for this SUMMER.
So if you want to have a photo shoot like this kindly message me on my Facebook Account for more inquiries.