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Hi sweeties!

It's been a while again since my last review. Now I'm back again after a while because I just recently got my High School Diploma! Yey! :)

So now, I'm going to review my favorite mascara as of now! I discovered this one used by my cousin, and I got so shocked when I see it! Haha :)

So here, I'm going to review to you guys the Avon superSHOCK MAX. It's a mascara, yes :)

That's the wand looks like. I haven't seen any mascara's with this kind of wand yet. But this thing is so awesome! It makes my eyelashes long & curly!

                                    *Bare eyelashes*                                      *First Coat*
                                      *Second Coat*                                     *Third Coat*

This mascara is good overall. The formula is very decent, creamy thick but not clumpy at all and you can take your time applying it without getting dry or clumpy although it provides good curl and volume. Does not dry fast for those who like taking time to apply their mascara. The wand is rubbery with spikes that go spiral along the wand. The tube is a bit big. I have naturally full lashes so this works perfectly for me with one coat, but as i said, it is quite buildable without getting clumpy. This is more of a voluminous mascara, so if you have short lashes, layer it with a lengthening one. Wipes easily if you get some on your lids while applying and is easy to remove with water or eye makeup remover.

The price is very reasonable for only Php200 :)
So overall, I would definitely repurchase this one :D

My Verdict: 5 out of 5 

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