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TUTORIAL: 1 Minute Smokey Eye

Hi sweeties!

Now, I'm going to teach you how to do a simple smokey eyeshadow make-up.

This past few months smokey eye is trending. But making smokey eyes takes a lot of time. Applying these,that,those,and so on. So i'll teach you how I do my smokey eyes & it's also best for every day.

Materials that you'll use:

Round/Blending Eyeshadow Brush
Brown or Dark Color Eyelashes

Start with a clean bare eye.  If you have an eyeshadow base or a flesh colored matte shadow on hand, apply to the upper lid. (This helps your eye makeup to stay in place.) 
 Use an eyeshadow brush to sweep some dark brown matte over the middle lid thru your crease. Making a V-shape will make your eyes looks smokey.

Apply Eyeliner & Mascara

and you're done!

Within a minute, you've transformed your dry looking self into a simple & unique look!

We hope you guys have enjoyed my another beauty tutorial!  You're now prepared to go show the world who's boss through the eyes of a goddess.  And all you need is a little minute/s.  If you try this at home, we'd sure love to see some pictures!