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A day with my Girlfriends

Hi sweeties!!!

Last Saturday my bestfriends & I went to EXO (a KPOP Boy Group)  Album Launching in Robinson's Galleria.

When you buy their two albums you'll get a chance to join their raffle draw to win this EXO Member Portrait.

If you really want to get an album you need to wait for a long time because of the lane.

This is what the two album looks like: 
The first one is Chinese Version and the other one is Korean Version, and that's their only difference the LANGUAGE.

 People who's buying 2 albums will get a lot of freebies.

After my friend bought the two albums & get the freebies, we wasn't able to attend the show. Because we're going to UST to have a tour? And to get an application form. Yes it is! HOPEFULLY I'm going to become a college student next year. And I hope I can pass the exams.

So, we go to UST and my cousin accompanied us to her school. I hate this day,because we go to UST then the rain comes down -.- timing na timing diba?? 
The water floods a little inside the campus, but it's gone before we leave the campus. So after eating at KFC & after getting an Application form we wandering around the campus.

*The Main Building*

 *The Arch of the Centuries*
THE HISTORIC ARCH OF THE Centuries was the original entrance to the university when the campus was still in Intramuros during the years from 1611 to 1941.

The present single structure puts together, back-to-back, the ruins of the original Intramuros arch, which faces the Main Building, and its replica, fronting EspaƱa Boulevard.

*UST Plaza Mayor*

My cousin told me some people call it "lovers lane"

After going to UST we walk towards CNA Morayta in front of FEU.
When we entered the store our eyes looks like this O_O and our heart beats like _/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\_/\ and I think it becomes faster when we saw EXO's poster.
Then when I saw that there's no SHINee merchandise my heart looks like </////3.
Why??? I'm a big fan of SHINee than EXO. But I hope they have a lot of SHINee merchandise in the other CNA Branch.

CNA sells a lot of KPOP Merchandise & a lot of Korean things. They have a lot of cute things from Korea. They sell accessories,cosmetics,sunglasses,etc. Price range from PHP50- PHP1000 or less.
I wasn't able to take a picture because the saleslady said that it's not allowed to take a picture.
So that's the adventure for today! I would really like to thank my girlfriends for this day!