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HAUL and a little Review: Face Products (Late post)

I'm going to post another haul from the things that I bought last month.
This picture is taken last month that's why I wasn't able to make a video haul about this.

All items is from Watsons SM Muntinlupa.
Sorry if I wasn't able to post the prices because I lost the receipt & I forgot the price.
But I'm going to post a little review about the products.

1. Beauty Buffet Cherry Blossom Whitening Facial Mask
It has cute pink packaging right? This one is just a facial mask but I love the smell & it get's my face smooth and my face get whiten a little.

2. Careline Make-up Set
I love this one! It has 9 eyeshadow & 2 blush on.

3. Careline Glitter Eyeliner
Uhmmm. I don't really like this one because I'm scared to put it on my eyelids and the glitter might go in my eyes. The only reason that I bought this because I like the color and I want to try it.

4. Glam works Hair Removal Paper
Uhhhhhm, just a little review but this one is cheap & very useful.

5. Beauty Buffet Charcoal & Cypress Facial Mask
When I put this on my face I feel that it's really cold. I like this because it cleanses & moisturized my skin.

6. Fitnesse Rose Scent Oil Control Sheet
This one has a rose scent & I super duper love it! This one really removes oil in my face! I recommend you to try this one! It's very cheap & very useful.

 Bea Baldemor