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FEATURED: Pinky Fab Co. a newbie seller!

Hi there sweeties!

Wasn't able to blog and make video's this fast few days 'coz I'm busy doing some important things.
And I really miss blogging here & vlogging :(

But right now, I have nothing to do just to rest and I decided to post another featured shop here on my blog!

If you wasn't know, I opened a shop this summer. And I named it Pinky Fab Co.
I was named it "Pinky" because I love pink. And the rest is named by my cousin Kyla.

Okay, so I created this shop 'coz I'm just having fun & my cousin also wants to become a seller too. That's why we help each other to build this shop.

We decided to sell pre-loved items first. And we decide to have a biding collection. But no one bids.

So we think what could we sell that people would be amazed to buy. And we think if how about selling DIYed items?!!!
And then we decided to try selling OMBRE,CAMOFLAGE,LEOPARD,GALAXY, shorts;tops;& shoes.

Oh, and by the way! We are currently running our first giveaway!
We are giving away 2 ombre shorts for the 2 lucky winners!
Once we reached 1000 followers on instagram we are going to announce the winners.

We are also planning to collaborate with my blog to add more freebies to this giveaway. Hmmm, what would 'ya think?