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Boyfriend Shirt

It's sunday:)

Since we're attending mass at 5 o'clock in the evening, my Dad and I decided to watch PA4 (Paranormal Activity4) first.

~I'm wearing my favorite boyfriend shirt from Hollister.

Actually it's just a long sleeve polo, butI just fold it to become 3/4 polo because it's so hot at that time :)

~I'm also wearing my favorite satchel bag from tiendisitas. You can found tiendisitas along san juan, near Greenhills. There are a lots of things I wanna buy :)
You can ride a jeepney to tiendisitas from greenhills.

~Shoes from Twinkys :))) My friends and I decided to buy same shoes for our christmas party in school last December 2011.


Rings: SOA
Bangles: SM Accessories
Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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